We supply chemicals for all car washes

  • Traditional car wash
  • In bay automatic car wash
  • Self service car wash
  • Conveyor and express car wash

No matter what the system of car wash employed in your garage, Insta Finish is a company that has everything you need to carry out cleaning in the most effective and efficient manner. We have all kinds of soaps, shampoos, waxes, presoak chemicals, suds, wheel cleaners, and even towel cleaners to allow the best possible cleaning in a quick time. In short, we are a one stop shop for all the washing ad cleaning agents that you will ever require to carry out cleaning of cars coming to your garage.

Tunnel Car Wash Chemicals was established in 1959 and it manufactures ad supplies chemicals that are proudly made in the USA.

Different types of car washes

There are 4 major types of car wash services being offered by garages these days. These are as follows.

Traditional car wash is still preferred by many car owners. In this service, employees of the garage wash the car with their hands. If you are worried about a accidental scratch, you can opt for self service car wash where you get water jet ad foam to do the cleaning with your hands. If you do not like the idea of hands touching your car, you can go in for in bay automatic car wash. In this system automatic machine rolls back and forth to clean the car while it remains stationary. Conveyor car wash makes use of a conveyor system that carries the car along and fixed mechanisms clean the car on the way.